No more cold calling? Facebook lead generation tips.

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Considering myself to be a bit of a sales buff I was a tad embarrassed upon the realization that a humongous chunk of my sales savvy knowledge was totally missing.

Facebook suggest that there a four key ways in which a business will successfully use Facebook  and I was right with them! I understood utilising Facebook to develop and grow the brand, to connect with your market, to engage your audience and to drive sales.

Wait – what was that last bit – drive SALES?  I’d often used Facebook to promote a service, event, special promotion or offer but, and here is the honest truth, I’d never even THOUGHT about using it as a platform to generate sales leads

So you can imagine my glee when I came across this article on hub spot about how to use Facebook to generate sales leads for your business. Along with defining what direct and indirect sales leads actually are this article is important because it recommends six ways to capture leads on Facebook.

These are:

1) Use Calls-to-Action in Cover Photos

2) Include Links in Captions

3) Host a Fecebook Chat

4) Make Facebook Events for Webinars

5) Use Targeted Advertising to Extend Your Content’s Reach

6) Build Forms on Tabs

Knowing how to capture leads on Facebook is a significant way that a business can improve their digital marketing because it directly impacts profitability (in terms of lead generation and SALES)

Number six requires some skill and a little more expertise, but in basic terms a Form on Facebook is similar to your websites Landing Page.  One thing that is particularly important to understand in this context is ensuring you have the appropriate Landing Pages  to gather your potential customers info and to ensure to have a sales strategy to follow up the leads.

There is no point putting all the energy to get them if you are not going to follow up and turn them into SALES.

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