Don’t wanna be a cowboy BABY: Social Media Experts

It had been two full years of me badgering my boyfriend about his businesses Facebook page. I couldn’t understand why he was not as enthusiastic about it as I was? Couldn’t he understand that for a small business it was the PERFECT low cost marketing platform?!

And, as it turned out, he couldn’t. After another frustrating conversation he finally said, “Here’s the thing, I don’t use it myself, I don’t really want too, I don’t have the time, and quite simply, I just don’t GET it.  I don’t get how Facebook can help my business”. He spoke the truth of what allot of business owners feel, and it was at that moment I was certain that there is indeed a place for Social Media Experts (how to spot a social media cowboy!)  in business. Not just someone who spends all day online, but a proper expert.

According to the article Are Social Media “Experts” Worthless? “90% of websites are wretched. 90% of Facebook pages are wretched. 90% of content marketing programs are wretched. 90% of social media-based customer support is wretched” this opens a HUGE opportunity for anyone who isn’t, well, wretched! If you are the Social Media Exert in your firm, or aspire to be one, the key to being a success is to make sure you know your stuff!

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So, no matter what you call yourself, get clued up quick. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet right?

Everyone's a Social Media Expert

Everyone’s a Social Media Expert