Protect your personal brand. No more awkward selfies – Please.

You know that cringe feeling you get when watching bad auditions of American Idol?

That’s exactly how I feel when people post awkward selfies on Facebook.  So stop it.

It’s awkward because it is often clear that they have given no thought on how these seemingly innocent pics are sending a really clear message about their personal brand.  Flippant or subjective comments or impulsive posts on a night out can paint you in a very bad light, and will most certainly come back to haunt you. Gosh, even Dr Phil thinks it’s serious, heed is warning in his article how your online profile can sabotage your future. 

Sam Richer also warns about the danger of over sharing in his article A dozen ways to build your personal brand in an online world and believes that “In today’s information rich and easy publishing world, when you post anything online you are disseminating your message to the world and, by default, you are promoting your brand—your personal brand” (2013).  

I completely agree with this statement and think that it is a very important message for students wishing to enter the workforce to understand.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact the great thing is that once you have understood this message (that it is not a sensible idea to post inappropriate or subjective contact via Social Media), you can actually use it to your ADVANTAGE.  Just follow Sams great tips or gain more insight by reading this article on building equity in your personal brand.  

This information is not only relevant to people already in the workforce, but is also applicable for a student looking to enter the field of Digital Marketing.  Imagine going into the interview feeling confident and pumped knowing that you digital portfolio was top notch and that it represented your personal brand in a positive light.

If you want to know  what to expect in said interview, then read this fantastic article 12 Questions to Separate Social Media Experts From Pretenders.